Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips

A garage door is a precious investment. Not only would it look amazing but it can also offer security. However, garage door might stop working suddenly.  A lot of things can possibly go wrong with it. This is why; it is beneficial to learn more about troubleshooting techniques. If you are trying to find out a reliable and trustworthy “garage door repair near me” then this article will help you in this task.

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  • Check if the garage door opens on its own. Inspect the master switch to make sure if it is functioning. If garage door works using wall mounting keypad, then you need to check the sensor and remote. If it does not work, it might be the faulty electrical system.
  • Make sure that cord is plugged in correctly. It is one of those faults that can make you crazy. Finding the unplugged cord could be a tricky task but at least it will save you a ton of troubles.

  • Check garage door motor. It is prone to malfunctioning. If you are not sure what is going wrong. Make sure if the motor has gone hot. If it does, allow it to be cool. After that test the garage door once again.
  • Check the safety sensors. One overlooked fault is misaligned or clogged sensors. If they are misaligned or obstructed, you need to adjust or clean them. If the sensors are aligned correctly, clean the photo eyes of the sensors to remove obstructions.
  • Check the remote. There is a possibility that garage door remote has low power. To fix the issue, you need to replace the batteries. Damaged remote should be replaced with the new ones.

  • Test the running gears. Garage door may not work because the running gears are not functioning properly. There is possibility that sprockets or gears are worn out. You need to put attention to replace them.
  • Check the wiring of the garage door. If everything working properly and the running gear look solid, it might mean that operating system of garage door need attention. The damaged, wires, cables, and springs should be replaced.

Before conducting garage door repair works, it is important to conduct some troubleshooting tests to determine what is faulty. It is highly suggested that hire professional garage door experts to take some advantages.