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We’re Proud to be Green!

Canyons was voted Blowing Rock Chamber’s 2010 GREEN BUSINESS OF THE YEAR.

Canyons makes an ongoing effort to be environmentally conscious. We began several years ago with the move toward using flourescent lighting to conserve energy. Since, the effort has expanded to include converting the building’s heating system to utilize used fryer oil to heat the air and water, a tankless hot water (and boiler) system, and the use of compostable cups and to-go boxes. Canyons is a member of BREMCO’s Green Energy Credit program and NC Nature Conservancy.

Some of our efforts save money while some others cost considerably more… but it’s all worthwhile to conserve energy and help to preserve our environment. The most recent effort has been to start replacing kitchen equipment with more efficient units; the new grill which uses 50% less energy than the unit it replaced. Canyons has also been the first in the area to use paper, molded fiber and plastic products necessary to conserve water during droughts. Although presentation is not as nice as when we are able to use china, it’s all for the greater good. We’re always open to your suggestions as to how we can do more!

In The News…

See newspaper article from High Country Press, June 21, 2007
“Green Canyons—Canyons of the Blue Ridge Owner Bart Conway Goes Green”

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